Monday, March 17, 2008

Ahead of the curve - Using Songbird to discover indie music

Songbird Get Songbird is what might be known as a website mashup application. Songbird combines a web browser (based on the Mozilla core) with an itunes like music playing interface. When pointed at a website containing video and music, Songbird creates a list of available media and displays the files at the bottom of the screen. Songbird then allows users to demo the music and add it to playlists if its any good.

I use Songbird to cruise the indie music blogs and check out new music that artists have released for free in the hopes of obtaining some free publicity. Joel showed me SixEyes, which is where I've discovered cool artists like Basia Bulat and Hymns.

Songbird has the potential to far exceed iTunes in terms of innovative solutions because of its Mozilla based plugin model. There is a plugin that will look up artists on Wikipedia as well as the ability to search for other songs by the artist and for lyrics.

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