Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Deadman Creek Hike

Over Memorial Day I dragged my wife to a hike I read about from the geocachers that talked about a solid natural arch on Deadman Creek. See Geocache 1 Geocache 2 Geocache 3.
There is apparently a USFS easement over private property and the property owner has "no parking" signs on the USFS gate. We respected the owner's wishes by parking further up Sheridan Lake Road and walking in.
It was a great hike with water for the dogs along the way. Spring Creek was breathtakingly beautiful. We even ran into some old coots panning their claims (they literally looked the part).
While not quite a natural arch, the interesting feature is here:

Summer is upon us and the search is on for arches. I have visited 8 arches and research has indicated the general whereabouts of a total of 18. Here are my current results (blue pins have been personally confirmed as natural arches).